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I am a proud member of American Psychological Association.

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Marta Kurlej-Garbarski

I am a psychologist – an open and receptive person. I am fascinated by people, therefore, I never judge, always try to understand. Different cultures, different languages, different humans – I see the richness in variety. In my consultation sessions, I aim to create a comfortable atmosphere. I use a holistic approach to
clients, and perform consultations embedded in theories of cognitive and behavioral therapy. My life’s experiences perfectly complement my knowledge and passion for psychology.

I Consult in three languages: Polish, English, Russian.

I guarantee discreet, professional help in a cordial and sensitive atmosphere.

I am a licensed psychologist, specializing in social psychology, founder of Psychologos online.

Advantages of online therapy

To ensure broader access to psychological help I use Skype. This increasingly popular method of communication is gaining many followers. It saves time and money, and many feel more comfortable and safe in their preferred environments. Communication via Skype enables contact in different places and all is needed is internet access. All information obtained during consultations is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party without a written and signed permission from the client. Information may only be disclosed to a third party, if it is a direct threat to the life or safety of a client or someone else.

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